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Welcome to Contrast and Create, a subscription-based creative agency specializing in social media management and graphic design services, dedicated to helping grow your business. We offer simple payment plans flexible for your needs. Get in touch to discover how we can elevate your brand today!

How it works:

Book a call

Enhance your business with our expert social media and graphic design services. Flexible payment plans tailored to you. Book your call now!


Initially, we start with detailed questionnaires and introductory calls to understand you and your goals better. This ensures we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.


We're committed to delivering your chosen services each month, with a focus on enhancing the digital presence of your business.

A creative revolution

Contrast and Create offers a hassle-free, flat monthly fee subscription that is customizable to your needs. Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers and hiring processes.

Social media marketing & management

Manage your social media account

We aim to identify a strategy that suits your business needs and will take care of scheduling and posting.

Monthly content planning

Every month, we'll provide a comprehensive content calendar plan, to align with your digital marketing goals.

Growing your account

We will regularly reassess your business goals to craft impactful content that not only drives sales but also resonates with your community.

Graphic design services

Organize projects through Trello

Effectively handle your team's design board in Trello. Manage and view ongoing, pending, and accomplished tasks.

Unlimited requests and revisions

Add as many requests as you would like to the queue. They will be tackled in the order they come in. We will also make the necessary revisions until you are satisfied.

Personally dedicated designer

We dedicate time to understanding your brand and design preferences, ensuring our services align with your unique style and work dynamics.

Services offered

Social media management
Social media marketing
Community Engagement
Digital Ads
Logo & branding
Email graphics
Slide decks
Trade show banners
Business Cards
User-generated content
Video editing
Design systems
Brand guides
Motion graphics
Blog graphics

Membership benefits

Features included in our plans.

Membership benefits: fixed monthly price

Fixed monthly price

Pay the same fixed rate each month. No unexpected charges!

Membership benefits: Access to stock images

Access to stock images

At no extra cost, unlimited commercially licensed stock images are available for use in projects.

Membership benefits: Unlimited design

Unlimited graphic design requests

Submit as many design requests as you like in our queue if you have this option in your plan.


Isn't this the same as just hiring a full-time employee?

I'm glad you asked! A full-time designer or social media manager at a senior level is now surpassing upwards of $100,00 annually, not to mention additional benefits. There might be periods when you may not always have a consistent workload or need for them, and you end up still paying for unproductive time.

With the monthly payment plans at Contrast and Create, you have the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription whenever you need to. As well as upgrading, downgrading, or completely canceling your subscription as it fits your needs.

Am I able to pick and choose the services that I need?

Yes! We require all clients to book a call with us so we can customize a plan based on your needs.

While social media management and unlimited graphic design requests are our most sought-after services, we offer a wide range of options that can be included in a tailored proposal for your review before joining Contrast and Create!

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes. Contrast and Create makes it easy to cancel, upgrade, downgrade, or pause your plan at any time.

Since our subscriptions are on a monthly payment schedule, if you choose to cancel or pause your plan in the middle of the service you will have the remaining days left to be used whenever you want.

If you upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you will not receive any remaining, or additional, days on your plan. For this reason, we recommend that if you wish to upgrade or downgrade you do so on your renewal date.

How does the unlimited graphic design requests service work?

Contrast and Create uses Trello to organize and manage all requests and tasks. If your plan includes this service, you may add as many graphic design requests to your Trello board as you would like. All requests will be placed in a queue in the order they were submitted. They will be completed and delivered one at a time.

For most design requests, they are completed within two days on average. More complex requests may take longer.

Revisions are unlimited. We will work to ensure you are satisfied with your deliverables.

Any requests completed using our subscription are 100% yours to own. We utilize commercially licensed materials that grant you full ownership as the end user. All our work is unique to your brand!

Are there any refunds?

No refunds will be issued due to the nature of our work.